Blue Silicone Feeding Spoon
Blue Silicone Feeding Spoon
Blue Silicone Feeding Spoon
Daisy & Dulcie

Blue Silicone Feeding Spoon

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Our sweet yet simple new Silicone Feeding Spoons by Indera.Trading are here and there are plenty of reasons to love them!

- No Separate parts which means nowhere for mould to hide.
- Soft and bendy so they are perfect when your babe is teething (no hard spoon to hurt their gums when they are feeding)
- The sides of the spoon are slightly curved so helps your child with self feeding.
- BPA free, NO nasties, FDA approved, food grade silicone.... in other words SAFE FOR YOUR BABES.
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher safe
- Graded to up to 200 degrees... wowza!

Spoons are 15cm long. The shovel part of the spoon is 2.5cm wide

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